&SITE TIPS & HELP There is some tips i can give to you. Some are mistake i did in the past from which I'm laughthing at now. Take it or don't. This is my advice only. Do whatever you want with them.

. Be original.
. Don't copy from other websites.
. Don't inspire yourself "too much" from other people.
. Always credit.
. Don't use ridiculous site names.
. Don't try too much for a "cute" site name.
. Ice Cream and Bunnies doesn't go together... GET IT?
. Scribbles are great, but don't over-use them.
. Small scribbles are ugly.
. Never use scribbles on a layout unless you are actually GOOD AT IT.
. Adoptions shouldn't be bigger than 50x50 pixels.
. Use catchy colors.
. Don't use white text on a pale background.
. Try to make your website look good on all bowsers.
. Try to have a good grammar and ortograph.
. Don't act too elite. There will always be people better than you.
. Don't create a wall of shame page if you have nothing to write in it, in fact, just don't create a wall of shame page at all.